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Xavier Roy

The Hulk vs The Lawnmower… Will the Hulk be mowed down? Keep watching…

Xavier Roy

Strange New Words - commonry

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Continuing the posts...

commonry (noun) : the common people, those not of high birth.

Encountered in: Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson and his other novels .

Etmyology: a rare form to denote commoner. Middle English commun, from Latin communis meaning commoner.

Quote from Gardens of the Moon:

As he led his horse through the streets of Unta he felt numb inside. The familiar sights, the teeming, interminable crowds, the voices and clash of languages all struck Paran as something strange, something altered, not before his eyes but in that unknowable place between his eyes and his thoughts. The change was his alone, and it made him feel shorn, outcast. Yet the place was the same: the scenes before him were as they always had been and even in watching it pass by all around him, nothing had changed. It was the gift of noble blood that kept the world at a distance, to be observed from a position unsullied, unjostled by the commonry.

Xavier Roy

to the plan to kill Count Dracula on Audible; Batman and team deal with the rise of the Batmen in Gotham

Xavier Roy

Just a panda by @lorantmax aided by @colorfyapp

Xavier Roy

Batmobile out of fuel...Hitching a ride to the ATM